Elevator Parts & Accessories: Below you will find a sampling of elevator parts and accessories offerd by EECO. For a more complete listing please see the EECO Accessories Brochure (click here).

  Machine Room: (Note: For EECO Control Valve specific accessories click here.)


The Temporary Power Unit (TPU-001) is used to operate a “running platform” during construction when only temporary power is available. Wire this unit into a 230V, single phase, 60 Hertz, circuit, plumb to the jack assembly, and insert the provided wand into an oil reservoir is all that is required to operate the “running platform”.

Cylinder Lifting Clamps are designed to lift and hold hydraulic jack cylinders safely during construction. Constructed of formed steel bar for light weight and easy handling. These clamps are equipped with shackles for lifting and tensioning bolts for applying pressure around cylinder pipe.

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Click here for more information on the Telescopic Cylinder Lifting Clamp

Piston Clamp / Wrenches are designed to safely lift, hold, and tighten pistons during construction. The welded steel construction with replaceable tension pads and tensioning bolts for applying equal pressure around piston, insures higher griping force than wood clamps. The maximum rated load for these clamps is 1950 lbs. Three sizes of clamps available for a range of 2 ½” to 12” diameters.

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PVC Lifting Clamps are designed to lift and hold flush joint PVC pipe safely. Constructed of formed and welded 1/4" steel plate for light weight and easy handling these clamps are equipped with two holding tabs and shackles for lifting. A tee bolt tensioner is used to apply pressure around PVC pipe with cupped set screws for gripping. The maximum rated load for the PVC Lifting Clamps is 3000 lbs.

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The PeViCol PVC Cement was specially designed for gluing PVC pipe. This non-flammable cement does not require a primer. The low odor and low emissions allows to be used indoors with minimal ventilation. The cement can be used in a temperature range from 32o - 175o F (0o - 80o C). PeViCol PVC Cement, a NordColl product, is not classified as an environmental toxin and the solvents in solutions are biologically degradable. Technical Data Sheet
MSDS, Pevicol Instructions


EECOLube: The EECOLube is a performance improving friction modifier oil additive formulated to reduce "Stick Slip", rough starts & stops and prevent noise in hydraulic elevator systems. EECOLube is compatible with petroleum or biodegradable oils. EECO recommends using 1 bottle (quart) per 60 gallons of oil.


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Click here for Material Safety Data Sheet on the EECOLube.


Residential and LULA Power Gate Operator Motor: The Residential and LULA Power Gate Operator Motor is a replacement for CemcoLift Gate Operators, Model CPH-100. This permanent magnet DC motor provides the variable speed and torque requirements for automatic gate opening and closing features.


Click here for more information on the Residential and LULA Power Gate Operator Motor.


Residential and LULA Power Gate Operator Control Board: The Residential and LULA Power Gate Operator Control Board is a replacement board for CemcoLift Gate Operators, Model CPH-100. This control board provides the variable speed and motor drive control with fully automatic gate opening and closing features.


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Evacuation Pump:This Evacuation Pump is used to drain residual oil remaining in the space between the cylinder(s) and the piston(s) while disassembling the Telescopic Jacks to service the internal head(s).


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Oil Cooler: This oil cooler is extremely efficient in cooling the oil in the hydraulic elevator machine room in which it is installed. The heart of the unit consists of a triple screw pump which is highly reliable and quiet.

As an added feature, to help safeguard the entire system, the pump is equipped with a safety valve set at 87 PSI to prevent a system overpressure.The oil is cooled using air produced by a helical fan mounted coaxial with the screw and pump motor.

9.3 GPM, 115/230VAC, 1 phase, 26100 BTU/h

Tank Heater: This Tank Heater is simple to install and operate. Designed to keep your hydraulic oil at the optimum operating temperature in cooler environments to provide optimum operation of your hydraulic elevator system.

The Valve Return Filter (VRF) attaches to the tank return port of the valve. The filter bag is easily replaceable. The EECO VRF allows you to easily capture particles 5 microns in size and larger as well as helping to prevent the buildup of debris within the tank, making it easier to clean.

Muffler: The standard EECO Muffler (MU) provides superior noise suppression for most standard power unit installations. The unit working pressure is 1200 PSI and it is 11-3/4” long. The diameter for 2” outlet size is 6-5/8” and 8-5/8” for other sizes.

Dampener: The EECO Hydraulic Dampener (EHD) is extremely effective in suppressing the sound and pulsation present in hydraulic elevator systems. The EHD has a minimum burst pressure of 6000 PSI with an ASME A17.1 allowable working pressure of 1200 PSI. The diameter is 8-5/8” and is 14” long for the 2” outlet size and 14-1/2” for other sizes.

Click here to download the EECO Muffler and Dampener Data Sheet.

Isolation Couplings: The Isolation Couplings (ISO) are available in three sizes both grooved and threaded. These couplings are designed for electrical isolation with a Dielectric Strength of 42kV and will also help in the reduction of vibration and noise from being transmitted to the cab. The maximum operating temperature for these Isolation Couplings is 225° F (107°C).

All Isolation Couplings are designed to meet or exceed ASME A17.1/CSA B44.

Click here to download the EECO Isolation Coupling Data Sheet*.

Pipe Rupture Valve: If the unthinkable happens, are you ready? The EECO Pipe Rupture Valve (PRV) is a simple but effective way to achieve a quick and smooth stopping of a car if an overspeed of the elevator should occur. The EECO PRV is connected directly to the pressure line between the control valve and the jack. The supplied connections on the PRV make installation quick and easy.

This PRV is operationally reliable and easy to adjust. The PRV comes with either NPT or grooved connections in either 3/4 inch or 2 inch ports. Bringing the elevator to a slow stop is the standard operation of the valve. Having the elevator slow to a down creep is an optional configuration of the valve. Don't compromise your passengers safety. The EECO PRV is a cost effective insurance policy for any hydraulic elevator system.

0 To 1000 PSI Oil Filled Pressure Gage: The EECO 0 to 1000 PSI oil filled pressure gage is a “must have” for every technicians tool kit. Designed specifically to attach to the 1/8” gage ports of your hydraulic elevator control valve. For ease of use, we also offer the optional quick connect/disconnect fittings shown below.

1/8" Quick Connect/Disconnect: Quick connect & 1/8” NPT fittings for use with the above listed pressure gage or low pressure switch.

Available connections:
1/8” female quick disconnect,
1/8” male quick disconnect,
1/8” hex male adapter,
1/8” shut off valve male-male,
1/8” 90° elbow male-male,
1/8” coupling female-female,
1/8” 90° elbow male-female

Shut Off Ball Valves:

Available sizes:
2” diameter, NPT to NPT
2” diameter GRV to GRV
2.5” diameter, NPT to NPT
2.5” diameter GRV to GRV
3” diameter NPT to NPT
3” diameter GRV to GRV

Switch Clips, Mounting Brackets & Hardware:

Available units:
LS-1B & MV-4C switch bracket & clips (includes hardware)
C160 guide rail clips for 12, 15 & 18.5 pound rails (includes hardware)

Rail Guides:

Available units:
Guide shoe - solid
Guide shoe - swivel
Guide shoe - small roller
Guide shoe - large roller

Adjustable Rail Brackets: Manufactured of heavy gauge steel, this rail bracket is fully adjustable to conform to any requirement that you may have. Multiple configurations are possible with our unique and durable design.

TS-2002 Tape Selector Landing System: The model TS-2002 Tape Selectors from Elevator Equipment Corporation represents the next generation of elevator landing systems. Intended to replace older mechanical hoistway switches and bulky landing boxes, the EECO TS-2002 is designed for ease of installation and adjustment. The EECO Tape Selector is quality engineered and proudly manufactured in the USA and is ASME A17.1 compliant.
*For compatibility with older relay controllers contact EECO engineering

Click here to download the TS-2002 Data Sheet*.

Click here to download the Tape Selector Installation Manual*.

Limit Switch: The LS-1B Limit Switch is designed specifically for use in the elevator hatchways as zoning, normal, and final limits. A reduced noise level during operation is achieved by low mass construction of moving parts, and cushioning of the return action. The LS-1B is equipped with one set of normally open and one set of normally closed SPDT contacts. DPDT contacts are available. The LS-1B is rated at 300 Volts AC at 8 Amps. or 230 Volts DC at 1 Amp.

Click here to download EECO Hatchway Switch Data Sheet*.

Permanent Magnet Switch: The MV-4C Permanent Magnet Switch is designed primarily for elevator leveling control units, elevator zone switches, punch presses, lift hoists, conveyor transfer systems, and other applications requiring trouble free service. Consistent repeat accuracy can be easily and economically controlled by these units where mechanical contact is not desired between the actuating vane and switch. SPDT contacts are standard, DPDT contacts are available.

The MV-4C is rated at 300 Volts AC at 8 Amps. or 230 Volts DC at 1 Amp. The MV-4C dead zone is less than 1/8” at 1/4” gap.

Click here to download EECO Hatchway Switch Data Sheet*.


Inductor Switch: The LDS 3004A Permanent Magnet Inductor Switch is intended for use on hydraulic and electric elevators with speeds up to 400 feet per minute and one floor run control. The LDS 3004A is made to interface with either relay logic, micro-processor or programmable logic controllers. The horseshoe shaped inductor switch provides noiseless sensing of slowdown and landing positions of the elevator. The LDS 3004A Inductor Switch features solid metal construction and uses both a normally open and a normally closed contact reed switch as standard.

The LDS 3004A has a contact rating of 10 watts maximum switching at 250 Volts DC and 0.50 Amps. The switch contact arrangement is form “C” (one normally open and one normally closed). Average operating time (including bounce) is 2 milliseconds (normally open) and 4 milliseconds (normally closed). At full rated load the contact is anticipated to have a mean time between failure of 10 million cycles. If the load handling is decreased, the life cycle should increase.

Click here to download EECO Hatchway Switch Data Sheet*.

Jack Packing Replacement Kits: EECO carries a complete line of replacement seal kits for the following EECO Jack Unit series:

NJ series jacks

LJ series jack

TLJ series telescopic jacks

PJ and PJR series jacks

TJ and TJR series telescopic jacks

Car Buffers: We custom manufacture each car buffer to EECO’s demanding standards of quality and durability. Each set of car buffers is designed and manufactured based on the requirements of a given job. You can be assured that the car buffers you receive are the correct ones for that specific installation.

Pipe Stand: The EECO pipe stand is a simple and economical design that allows the mounting of oil lines and electrical conduit clear of the pit floor

Scavanger Pump: Ribbed, reinforced polyethylene container with a clear lexan top. Tank dimensions 15”W x 10”D x 8”H. 200 Micron filter. Flood control reset. UL approved motor and cord.
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